The Power of the Internet

The Real Estate Industry has been revolutionized by the internet. The single biggest mistake you can make is to downplay its significance. Here's a mind boggling and often surprising fact: "92% of Americans start their home search via the internet and 71% of all homes purchased are found by the buyer on the internet."

Anyone selling their home should only do so with a realtor who understands this. I'm not talking about using a realtor that has a new and fancy website. Even though this is good to have, how many people are landing on their website? Individual realtors and local agencies don't have the resources to get the amount of people needed to their website to view your property. Only realtors who are participating in the MAJOR REAL ESTATE websites are capturing the buyers. Is your realtor investing in the number one Real Estate Website in the world? Is your realtor placing your property on over 40 major worldwide real estate websites? Does your realtor know how important the visual display of your home is, considering the fact that 80% of internet users sort and filter real estate by "number of photos available?" And finally, does your realtor maximize their exposure on these websites by investing in value added positioning and enhancements? If the answer to any of these questions is "no" or "I don't know", then you've come to the right place. BecauseThe Eckburg Teamcan answer "yes" to all these CRITICAL questions.